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WATCH: Van driver arrested after crash in Waterford

WATCH: Van driver arrested after crash in Waterford

Emergency services attended the scene of a road traffic collision this afternoon in Waterford.

The incident happened at roughly 5pm when a van dangerously swerved fully across Rice Bridge in Waterford city and continued down the footpath on the opposite side of the bridge, facing oncoming traffic.

The van only came to a halt as it t-boned a vehicle which was stopped in traffic.

Another driver who was behind the car that the van crashed into, was quick to react and had realised what was happening; on the van's approach towards the stopped cars, that driver reversed to avoid the collision - only to reverse into the car behind them, damaging both vehicles.


Video Credit: Damien Tiernan via Twitter

Other road users rush towards the van to check on the driver.

Up to 5 vehicles are believed to have been damaged in the incident

A man was arrested at the scene and has since been charged for a number of road traffic offences, including drink driving.


It's been confirmed that the man will appear in Waterford District court tomorrow.

Gardaí said there were no serious injuries reported at the time of the incident however another man has been brought to hospital as a precaution.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Waterford Garda Station.

Investigations are ongoing.