Anger online at alleged new rules at a Carlow school

Anger online at alleged new rules at a Carlow school

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A Carlow school is facing calls to apologise to female students after they were told they can't wear tight-fit clothing for PE.

The school has issued a statement to say students are regularly reminded of school rules at assembly, but only female students were spoken to at the mixed school.

One parent, who doesn't wish to be named, says the school should retract what it said.


A petition started over the weekend has surpassed 3,500 signatures.

Meanwhile, a statement from the Department of Education to Beat news reads;

"The Department cannot comment on any individual case.

Under the Education Act 1998, all recognised schools are managed by the school board of management on behalf of the schools’ patrons or trustees or the relevant Education and Training Board (known as the management authority). Any decisions on school uniform policy are a matter for the school’s board of management at local level. Schools should consult with parents and students in relation to this policy.


Whereas the Department provides funding and policy direction for schools, the Department does not have legal powers to investigate individual complaints or instruct a school to follow a particular course of direction with regard to individual complaint cases, except where the complaint involves a refused enrolment, expulsion or suspension, in accordance with Section 29 of the 1998 Education Act.

In any instance where a parent of student has cause for complaint, matters would normally be addressed to the individual teacher or school principal as appropriate.  If matters cannot be resolved at that level then a complaint can be addressed to the school’s board of management.  A school may have a formal complaints process in which case this should be followed in pursuing any complaint."

Further information on complaints procedures in schools can be found on the Department’s website at: