Man boards Aer Lingus flight at Dublin Airport without passport or boarding card

Man boards Aer Lingus flight at Dublin Airport without passport or boarding card
Photo: Dublin Airport

A man made it through security at Dublin Airport and boarded a flight without a passport or boarding card.

Details of the alleged security breach, which occurred this week, have emerged just one day after the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) launched its 15-point improvement plan.

Abdul Ahmead (48) made his way into Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport on Monday and passed through screening without the relevant documentation.

He was then able to board the 7.05 flight to Birmingham, England and take a seat.


It is reported that Dublin airport police then removed the individual before take-off.

Appearing in court yesterday, the man was charged with trespassing with intent to commit an offence and failure to produce a passport or similar document.

He was fined a total of €700 by the presiding judge.

The alleged breach comes following claims from a whistleblower who made a protected disclosure saying security screening at Dublin Airport is not fit for purpose.

Dublin Airport Launches New 15-Point Plan


The worrying development follows the launch of Dublin Airport's all-new 15-Point Plan.

Dublin Airport said 90 per cent of passengers will get through security screening in less than 20 minutes under plans to improve the airport's services ahead of the busy Easter and summer period.

Daa came under scrutiny last year when lengthy delays at check-in and security caused some passengers to miss their flights.

The 15-point 'Better DUB Improvement Plan' covers security, cleanliness, staff support, transport and amenities like seating, wi-fi and charging points.


In addition to improved security screening waits, DAA has also committed to installing 400 additional seats across the airport's two terminals, as well as dedicated family seating areas in Terminal 1.

Average wi-fi speeds at both terminals are to be doubled this year, while 20 per cent more power sockets and USB ports will be installed to allow travellers to charge their devices.

In terms of transport to and from the airport, DAA said there will be a 20 per cent increase in taxi permits issued and a 15 per cent rise in active bus routes from the airport.

The T1 Security Fast Track will be refurbished, and new collection lockers will be provided to "make it easier for people to Shop & Collect at their leisure".

The plan follows criticism for DAA last week after the operator received a green light from An Bord Pleanála for paid pick-up/drop-off zones.

The decision has been widely criticised, labelled as a "money-grabbing exercise" by some local representatives, but daa responded that the airport has "no current plans to introduce drop-off or pick-up charges".