Micheál Martin's position beyond this year is under question

Micheál Martin's position beyond this year is under question
Micheal Martin, © PA Wire/PA Images

Micheál Martin's position as Fianna Fáil leader beyond this year is under question from his backbench TDs.

A number of them have called for a review of the Programme for Government before Leo Varadkar takes over as Taoiseach.

Micheál Martin has insisted he will stay on as Tánaiste and Fianna Fáil leader when that happens.

But some, like Wexford Senator Malcolm Byrne, aren't convinced he will lead them into the next election.


"I think it's probably an open question.

"It think if the government runs full term, by that stage there will a number of Ministers and others who will have proven themselves.

"Then I think we made see a new leadership team leading us into the next election."

He continued to say that re-negotiating the programme for government wouldn't risk collapsing the coalition.


Many on the backbenches are unhappy with how Fianna Fáil is communicating its successes in Government.

Senator Malcolm Byrne says they can change that without undermining their coalition partners.

"I think the challenge for Fianna Fáil is that at times we feel that a lot of our successes in government in a lot of the areas that we ave place emphasis in housing, in health, in education, that maybe we don't certify our identity sufficiently and we don't get enough credit for some of the work that we are doing".