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D'Amelio family from TikTok making plans for a reality show

D'Amelio family from TikTok making plans for a reality show

They have fast become some of the most well-known faces on TikTok over the past year but the D'Amelio family are planning more.

15-year-old Charli D'Amelio has recently become the most followed person on TikTok, surpassing Loren Gray who held the title for the past 5 years.

Charli became an overnight sensation on TikTok with her first video going viral; she now has over 48 million followers on the social media platform. From there, the young US star has taken part in a Superbowl ad, signed with a major talent agency and has done collaborations with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Along with Charli, her family has also risen to fame with her sister Dixie and parents along for the ride.


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the family admitted that they've already looked into the idea of a reality show.

Commenting on the idea, Charli said "I mean, definitely something that would be super fun,"

"For people to kind of see what goes on when we're not just posting TikToks. I feel like no one really gets to see, but, people are always talking about how they think our family dynamic is pretty cool."

"[My fans] love when we go live, so that's super fun. I mean, it's really whatever helps us showcase what we're really like. Because people only really see us dancing or lip syncing to songs. Maybe [we can] try some new things."


Charli's dad Mark then confirmed "We're figuring out all that stuff right now. This has all kinda happened all really quickly. But we think if we're gonna do it, we'll go all in with it and, like Charli said, let everyone get to know us a little bit more closely. "

Charli hasn't had a moment away from the spotlight since rising to fame and has recently been in the centre of some online drama.

A diss track written by other Tik Tok stars about her boyfriend Chase Hudson (lilhuddy) was published online suggesting he cheated on Charli.

Following the diss track, Charli went to her Instagram Story to admit that her and Chase have broken up.


"Since you guys watched mine and Chase's relationship from the start, I decided I need to tell you all that we are no longer together."