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Schools NOT out for Emma!

Schools NOT out for Emma!

Beat Takeover Presenter Emma Nolan faces another two week's of intense study!

After chatting with Niall and Vinny on Beat Breakfast about what it was like at her school doing exams, Emma decided to return to her Alma Mater and talk to students sitting junior cert state exams this year.

Things took a bizarre turn for Emma though when she was called into the school’s Principal’s office.

Mr Ring set her a challenge:  If she really wanted to know what it’s like to sit exams in 2016 then she should take it the whole way and he suggested she re-sit her junior Cert English, Irish and Maths.


Emma didn’t quite expect that to be the result of her visit.

She asked Takeover listeners to help her with the decision by voting on a Twitter poll which resulted in a resounding YES!


Now she needs YOUR help. How do you study for this in such a short space of time? It's been SEVEN years since she sat her own Junior Cert!

On The Takeover on Thursday, Katie from Waterford became her teacher and has gave her homework for the weekend

Katie then graded her English essay live on air.


So, Emma needed to find a new 'teacher' in the South East to give her Irish homework!

Megan from Wexford was happy to help!

On Tuesday, Emma returned to BCS Lismore to brush up on her Irish and Maths skills! She found this very useful.

Then on Tuesday night, Megan came back on The Takeover and gave Emma a generous B+ for her Irish essay attempt! (Trust us, it was generous!)

Tonight on the show, Aisling gave her Maths this is her weakest subject, will she have a hope?

Will she EVER find 'X'?


She has an anxious wait now until the results come out in September.