The Takeover

Takeover listeners admit their evil pleasures

Takeover listeners admit their evil pleasures

Admit it! We all have evil pleasures.

On The Takeover on Tuesday, (January 17th), I encouraged you to come clean and admit to those nasty little things you get a bit of a kick out of :-P

Here's some of the Snapchat reaction;



2. Few things are as entertaining as watching people frantically search for their phone, all the while knowing you have it ;-)

3. If you don't constantly steal each other's stuff and lie about it, are you even sisters?

4. Okay, that's mean you lil evil genius :-P

5. Poor Dad </3


6. If you don't push your friend into the guy she recently shifted, are ye even friends?


8. Evil laziness

9. Evil laziness x 2


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Emma x