South East energy company aiming to reduce carbon emissions across the region

By Cillian Doyle.

Ireland is planning to be carbon neutral by 2050.

On March 23rd, a revised Climate Action Bill was introduced and aims to reduce the country's emissions over the coming three decades.

A South East energy company is aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the region.


The Three County Energy Agency, also known as the 3CEA, is a Non-Profit energy company based in Kilkenny and operates across the South East.

Speaking to Beat News, Energy Engineer for the 3CEA Grainne Kennedy says people are more interested in helping reduce emissions:

"We want to use our energy every day, whether it comes from renewable energy or fossil fuels - most people would prefer it came from renewable energy - but of course at the moment we have inherited a system where we have used fossil fuels for things - and it's going to take time for all of us to transfer over."

"I think a lot of people are interested - and they want to know what they can do and what their communities can do."