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Ireland’s oldest person celebrates birthday

Ireland’s oldest person celebrates birthday
Kitty Jeffery celebrated her 100th birthday over the weekend. Photo The Sunday World

Ireland’s oldest person, Kitty Jeffery celebrated her 109th birthday over the weekend

Kitty from from County Cork celebrated her birthday on Sunday, November 12, at her home in Knockasturkeen near Midleton.

Her eldest child, Anne, says the family had "a great day," which was "celebrated with friends and relations, including 15 cousins!"

A specially made cake was also served for Kitty's birthday.


Born in Glenville in north Cork in 1914, just three weeks before the outbreak of World War I, Kitty lived through some of the biggest events of recent Irish history.

Kitty Jeffery on her 100th birthday. Photo: The Sunday World

She lived through the Irish War of Independence and the “dreadful times” of the Civil War, and even remembers hearing of Michael Collins’ shooting.


She recalls having a great childhood growing up and attending school in Glenville, however her father died when she was young and she and her family would face hardship for several years.

According to the Irish Independent, Kitty moved in the late 1940s to the east Cork farm with her husband. She still resides at the property.

Kitty Jeffery and her husband George on their wedding day. Photo: The Sunday World


She became very well-known in the community as a member of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, the Mother’s Union and later as a frequent attendee of local country markets.

Kitty’s 109th birthday on Sunday marked the latest milestone in what her eldest son., George, describes as her “remarkable” life.

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