6-year-old boy left with devastating burns after being 'set on fire' by bully

6-year-old boy left with devastating burns after being 'set on fire' by bully

A six-year-old boy has been left with devastating burns after being 'set on fire' by a bully.

The heartbreaking injuries inflicted on Dominick Krankall from Connecticut in the United States are the latest and most extreme in a series of bullying incidents the young boy has endured.

Speaking to NBC New York, Dominick's sister explained that an 8-year-old neighbour lured the young boy from his back yard to a shed on their property where a petrol-soaked tennis ball was hurled at his face, instantly setting his face and legs on fire. The boy suffered second and third degree burns to his body as a result of the the actions.

While the injuries are being treated a serious, they are not believed to be life threatening.


In response to the attack, police are understood to be investigating reports of four unattended children playing with gasoline and setting objects ablaze at the property. No charges have been filed as of yet.

The horrifying incident has left those close to Dominick outraged as this is not the first time the boy has suffered at the hands of this bully.

Two months ago, Dominick allegedly fell to the floor after being pushed against a wall by the same person -ย  inflicting injuries that also required hospital treatment.

A gofundme appeal has since been launched, raising an astonishing $500,000 in the process.


Commenting on the appeal, Dominick's family say they want to raise the necessary funds to pay hospital fees and buy a new home in a safe neighbourhood where Dominick can grow up in peace.

"We are looking for help for a new home because it is not safe here. This bully has gotten away with too much and has a history of bullying. The mother thinks he is innocent. The family thinks itโ€™s a joke.

"Even though Dominick canโ€™t talk because heโ€™s in a lot of pain and all swollen, he said to my mom, โ€œPlease donโ€™t take me back there.โ€ Anything helps, even a share. Thank you all for the support. Iโ€™m sure Dominick appreciates it. This is extremely unfair and shouldnโ€™t ever happen to ANY CHILD!!! We need justice for our little Dominick."

Images: GoFundMe