Cigarettes & alcohol cost 87% more in Ireland than EU average

Ireland is the most expensive EU country to buy cigarettes and alcohol in - with prices nearly 87 per cent higher than the EU average.

New Eurostat research also shows people pay just under 30 per cent more for restaurants and hotels compared to most other countries in the bloc.

Meanwhile, the cost of postage along with broadband and mobile phone plans is 40 per cent higher.

Consumer commentator Sinead Ryan says people need to start switching providers in order to save money.


"The only way costs are going to come down is if people are aggressive about their switcher.

"They compare, they contrast, or they get a broker to do it for them.

"It will send out a clear message to these companies that we're not putting up for being ripped off. There's absolutely no need for it, it does not cost more to run that stuff in Ireland than anywhere else across the European Union.

"So we shouldn't have to pay anymore."