Council wants Michael & Danny Healy Rae murals removed from their native Kerry village

Council wants Michael & Danny Healy Rae murals removed from their native Kerry village

Anne Lucey

The independent Kerry TDs Michael Healy Rae and Danny Healy Rae are being asked to remove large colourful photos of themselves on public display in their home village of Kilgarvan.

The council maintain the signs or "structures" - which have dominated the village for many years - are unauthorised.

Kerry County Council is seeking the order under planning legislation for the removal of the photo of Danny Healy-Rae TD over the top of the porch” on his pub, the Jackie Healy Rae Bar, Main Street Kilgarvan.


The large green and gold sign in the Kerry colours proclaim, in Italics Danny's "Hard work & common sense," and that he is always available. His contact details are on display.


The council is also seeking the removal of a large wall sign from the western end of Kilgarvan depicting TD Michael Healy Rae and which declares Michael as the village’s “No I TD” and declares his "Hard work, Experience, Common Sense”.

The mural includes Michael's phone numbers and contact details in large bold lettering. Michael’s sign is on a standalone building alongside his shop and post office at the exit of the village to Kenmare.

The council is further seeking to restrain any further signage from being erected at the wall, or the pub.


The orders, in respect of the porch in Main Street and the wall in Sandymount are being sought under Section 160 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000.

The matter by the county solicitor Rosemary Cronin, represented by barrister Elizabeth Murphy, came before Judge Helen Boyle at the Circuit Civil Court in Killarney by way of motion.

Case contested

It has been given a date in May.

The case is to be fully contested, it is understood, primarily on the grounds of longevity - the sign over the Healy-Rae pub albeit with a change in personnel has been there since the late 1990s.


At the time it was the late Jackie Healy-Rae who was the TD and it was his picture which was displayed, while a Healy-Rae picture on the Kenmare side has also existed with some years.