More than 300 hotel guests evacuated after hoax bomb call in Waterford

13 September 2018

Update 07:20 am:

The building was searched and deemed a hoax at 20:30 on 13th Septemeber.


Update 11:35pm: Fiona Weldon who hosts a weekly Thursday night Slimming world class at the Hotel and said everyone was shocked when they were told they had to leave:

Update 10pm: A hotel was evacuated in Waterford City this evening following a security threat.

Three hundred and two guests were staying in Tracey’s Hotel on the Quay at the time.

Gardai received a call just before 7pm and alerted the manager.

The building was searched and the gardaĆ­ declared the alert a hoax at 8.30pm tonight.

A Garda spokesperson said: “The area has been declared safe and gardaĆ­ are standing down.”

John Tracey, the General Manager and owner of the hotel, said: “The gardaĆ­ got a phone call to say that there was a device in the hotel and it’s going to go off within the next half an hour.

“I got a phone call from the sergeant that was on duty, he has my personal number, and I started evacuating everybody from the hotel.

“The gardaĆ­ started arriving about two minutes after that and we continued to evacuate. The evacuation of everybody took just under nine minutes for 302 guests.”

Earlier: Emergency services are currently dealing with an incident on the Quay in Waterford.

Serious traffic congestion is reported as a result of the incident.

People are asked to avoid the city centre for now.

More as we get it….

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