Ryanair cancel flights due to French strikes

Ryanair cancel flights due to French strikes
A Ryanair plane, © PA Wire/PA Images

Muireann Duffy

Ryanair has been forced to cancel a number of flights due to a strike by French air traffic controllers.

The action begins at 5pm on Monday (February 6th) and will last until 6am on Wednesday (February 8th).

In addition to impacting flights to and from France, Ryanair confirmed the action will also disrupt flights transiting through French airspace.


The airline did not give specific details as to the number of flights which have been cancelled, but apologised to those impacted and advised them to check the Ryanair website or app for flight status updates before travelling to the airport.

The company said this is the third time so far this year that French air traffic controllers have taken such action, calling on the European Commission to act.

Ryanair's director of operations Neal McMahon said it is "inexplicable that French Air Traffic Control can once again hold European passengers and visitors to ransom", labelling the strike "pointless".

He called for a protection of overflights, as is done in Italy and Greece, to ensure flights travelling over France are not affected by such strikes, describing this as "the simplest and most effective solution to avoid unnecessary mass disruption".