Climate change makes Vettel question F1 role

Climate change makes Vettel question F1 role

Sebastian Vettel says his feelings about renewable energy and climate change make him question his position as an F1 driver.

The four-time world champion, who turns 35 in July, is often very vocal about pressing issues.

The star used Miami as an opportunity to highlight his concerns by wearing a t-shirt which read: "Miami 2060  - 1st Grand Prix underwater - Act now or swim later".

"It's not a political message, I'm not a politician, I don't want to be political," he told Sky Sports.


"It's a very human message, it's great that we have a race here.

"There are great people here and it's very exciting.

"But I find it alarming, and I'm surprised we go to a place that's not going to be here in 50 years' time.

"Everybody acts and carries on business as usual."



Vettel then made an appearance on BBC Question Time.

He spoke about the dilemma his passion for F1 and his views on climate issues brings.

"Every time I step in the car, I love it," he said.

"When I get out of the car, of course I'm thinking is this something we should do, travel the world, 'wasting' resources?

"On the other hand, we are entertaining people.

"During COVID we were one of the first sports to start again and there were races back on."

The German acknowledges that working in F1, with the beliefs he holds, makes him hypocritical due to the nature of the fuel used in the sport.