Managers speak out following All Ireland Semi Final controversy

Managers speak out following All Ireland Semi Final controversy

Cork Ladies Football manager Ephie Fitzgerald would like to see the Ladies Association under the umbrella of the GAA.

It follows the controversy over the staging of the Cork - Galway game at Croke Park on Sunday.

The counties were given just two hours to adjust to playing the match at HQ - and Galway, who were en route to Dublin, only had seven minutes to warm up.

Galway manager Tim Rabbitt says his side were given little or no respect by the LGFA.


Sunday's All Ireland football semi-final with Cork was moved from Parnell Park to Croke Park at the last minute.

Rabbitt says his Galway side weren’t given near enough time to warm-up for the match.

"LGFA official came over to us straight away and said that you've got just 6 minutes to throw in. I approached both the LGFA officials and the referee and told them that it was completely unacceptable, that we needed more time than that."

We were given little to or respect at all and the kept insisting that it was 6 minutes and the game had to go ahead.


"That was my only regret throughout of the day that I didn#t walk off and take the girls off the pitch. It was completely unacceptable the way we were treated."

Cork Ladies Football manager Ephie Fitzgerald says it's time to

"If you a young girl, and I'm not talking about very young, but if you're a teenager looking at that and you're saying to yourself 'what's the point if a lead athlete gets treated like that, where are we going?'

"It's no having a go at the LGFA,but I do think that if we need to progress this thing we need to move on."