Masters Champion Jon Rahm performs dramatic U-turn to sign with LIV Golf

Masters Champion Jon Rahm performs dramatic U-turn to sign with LIV Golf

Jon Rahm was victorious four times on the PGA Tour this year.

This form saw him land a second title at The Masters and he was also a key member of the Ryder Cup winning team for Europe.

However, he has now confirmed he will be joining the LIV Golf League for the 2024 season.

The Spaniard has reportedly signed a deal worth up to 450m.


World number three Jon Rahm says the "innovation and vision" of LIV golf is what persuaded him to join the Saudi-backed league.

The Masters champion had earlier said he wouldn't move to the breakaway series because he doesn't play the sport "for monetary reasons".

In an interview with LIV itself, the 29-year-old said:

"I believe in the growth of the game of golf. I've largely spoken about how Seve [Ballesteros] improved the game of golf in Spain and I've always said how I'd like to do the same thing over there and if I can reach a bigger audience here it would be amazing."


Rahm acknowledges that he has "taken a risk" in terms of losing his spot in the Ryder Cup for Europe.

He would need to remain a member of the DP World Tour to remain eligible.

"That's not up to me right now, but if it was up to me, I'll be eligible to play so I surely hope I can keep up the good golf and give them a reason to have me on the team ", he added.


In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Rory McIlroy voiced his concern that professional golf risked "cannibalising" itself if the trend of top players leaving to join LIV continues.


"My fear is that we continue down this path where we have competing tours and it divides the eyeballs that are on the game."

"You're basically cannibalising yourself as a sport, sort of the same as what boxing has done with all the different organisations and a few other sports have as well. To me, having all the best golfers under the one umbrella is the best way forward because I think that's really what the public wants."

McIlroy has been very outspoken about the LIV split from the beginning.

On the other hand, Rahm was also dismissive of LIV Golf.

Speaking as recently as August, Rahm said:

"I laugh when people rumour me with LIV Golf. I've never liked the format. Phil [Mickelson] respects my decision, and I respect his (choice). He has told me that I have no reason to go play for LIV, and he has told me that multiple times."

The turnaround has come as a shock to the golfing world and it remains to be seen whether or not any other high-profile players will make the switch before the deadline for the 2024 campaign ends.