Motorcycle road racing at risk in the Republic due to rising insurance

Motorcycle road racing at risk in the Republic due to rising insurance
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Vivienne Clarke

The President of Motorcycling Ireland, Sean Bissett, has warned that rallies in the Republic could be at risk because of rising insurance premiums as major motorcycling events in Northern Ireland have been cancelled for this year.

The situation was “not looking good” he told RTÉ radio’s News at One. “we're still waiting, but it's not looking good because we deal with the same brokers and the same insurers (as Northern Ireland)."

In previous years insurance cost around €200,000 per year.


"This year they have not yet been given the amount, but they fear it could be a lot higher, and it would no longer be viable to host events.

“We wouldn't be able to afford it," he said.

Even if spectators were to make a contribution, and that might not be practical given the nature of the sport, he said, it still would not be enough.

Up to 120 events could be impacted by this decision. That includes road racing, short circuits, motocross trials in general and touring. The major events could bring in the region of 20,000 visitors to an area.


“I've been involved with Motorcycling Ireland for 20 years. We never had any difficulty with paying our (insurance) bills or paying the bills on time. And we paid big money all the time.”

When asked if Brexit had been a factor, Mr Bissett said yes, that in the past they had dealt with Northern Irish brokers but due to the Protocol last year they had to deal with a broker registered in Malta.