South-East Basketball Centre of Excellence 'within the month'

South-East Basketball Centre of Excellence 'within the month'

The South-East will have a new Basketball Centre of Excellence announced within the month, CEO of Basketball Ireland Bernard O'Byrne has revealed to SportsBeat Xtra.

Earlier last month the association unvelied new centres of excellence at the University of Ulster and NUI Galway, stating that in total 10 would be setup around the country.

And speaking on today's show, O'Byrne revealed the South-East will benefit from one such centre of excellence.

"We have discussions going on...I can say an announcement is imminent, maybe within the next month where we're going to designate a centre of excellence in the South-East.


"The idea is not alone that courts would be available, but also strength and condition, nutrition, media training, even sports-legal training would be available for that general community."

The head of the country's national authority was speaking on the show, the morning after meeting with Minister of State for Sport and the Gaeltacht, Jack Chambers.

O'Byrne said last week that Basketball and indoor sports in general were a Government 'afterthought', but was pleased following the meeting that progress was being made, to get back playing at all levels.

"We've been making this point an yet every announcement has been centred around outdoor sports being the be-all and end-all, but to be fair to the minister he said he completely understand and we weren't to be neglected.


"The Minister painted a better picture, he said the vaccination rollout brought the emergence of sport in weeks, rather than months which was good to hear, even if it wasn't specific."

However, the game will be returning soon in an outdoor capacity, with the association making a shrewd investment as the government advice indoor events continues to be challenged.

"We're going to roll out our 'Reboot Basketball' in the next week or two, to give some suggestions to clubs.

"The main one that we're going to roll out because we're coming into the summer is to start running a 3-on-3 competition.


"We will have a roadshow where we've bought new international 3-on-3 baskets, I'm sure sometime over the summer we'll have one down on the South-East, so really the initial way of coming back is 3-on-3 involvement."

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