Tommy Fury has promised to emulate his brother Tyson by becoming a world champion

Tommy Fury has promised to emulate his brother Tyson by becoming a world champion
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, ยฉ PA Wire/PA Images

By George Sessions, PA

Tommy Fury has promised to knock out Jake Paul on Sunday and continue on his path to emulating brother Tyson Fury by becoming a world champion.

The long-standing feud between Fury and Paul will come to its conclusion at Diriyah Arena after two previous scheduled meetings had to be cancelled.

Plenty is up for grabs with the winner to earn a newly-made WBC Diriyah Belt and controversially earn a place in the cruiserweight ranking despite plenty of criticism over the fight given Paul’s background as a YouTuber-turned-boxer.


It is also double-or-nothing for both men after Fury’s dad John Fury accepted Paul’s offer at Thursday’s press conference in Saudi Arabia.


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“I am in boxing and have goals to be a world champion, so if I am to do that, I can’t be dodging people like Jake Paul. Believe you me the past two fights didn’t happen because of it being out of my hands,” Fury (8-0, 4KOs) said.

“Third time’s a charm and we’re here. I’m in super fit condition and I am ready to go and put this all to bed.


“For the last two-and-a-half years all it has been is, ‘when are you fighting Jake Paul?’ and to even mention my name in the same sentence as that is disrespectful to me who has been boxing my whole life. I am going to clinically knock this guy out early.”

Paul highlighted the type of journeymen boxers Fury has faced after he dealt with criticism of his own opponents, which include ex-NBA player Nate Robinson and MMA athletes Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley.


Cleveland-born Paul added: “He is a good boxer, I give him that credit. He is fast, he has got length and is strong.

“He looks like the Michelin man or something, but there’s nothing he can do to stop me. He doesn’t have power. He couldn’t knock Daniel Bocianski, or knock out the taxi drivers he has been put in there with.

“He has never been put in there with someone who wasn’t there to lose.”

John Fury insisted: “He (Tommy) has been under pressure right from the off but this kid survives on pressure and believe me I wouldn’t have my son sat here if I didn’t think he could deliver.

“There is no way in this entire world my son would disgrace our great champion in Tyson Fury so in this great county you will see something special.”