Tyson Fury training despite retirement

Tyson Fury training despite retirement

Tyson Fury's trainer Sugarhill Steward has supported his decision to retire, while also stating that 'fighters do come back'.

The undefeated 33-year-old has reiterated his decision to hang up his gloves after his record-breaking victory in Wembley.


For Steward, who has openly noted that Fury remains active in the gym, there's no dispute about the man walking away from the sport.


"For me it was very simple. It was like 'okay, that's what you want to do? That's fine'," he told Sky Sports.

"Tyson came to me and wanted to win the Deontay Wilder rematch.

"I helped him do that, I was okay with that.

"Now his decision to retire, I'm happy to help him with that too."


Steward also hinted at the complexity and frustration about making fights behind the scenes as another key reason for his decision to retire.

"For him being retired I'm happy because that's what he wants," he said.

"I know a lot of the retirement has to do with not getting the fights he wants.

"It's really mentally challenging to be offered fights and go through negotiations for fights and then for them to fall through at the end."

Fury has been making several television appearances since the fight and seems happy with his decision.

The 'Gypsy King' had been significantly vocal about a prospective crossover clash with UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

The UFC supremo joined Fury in the ring after his victory over Whyte.

The pair seemingly cementing a mutual agreement to meet some time next year.

UFC president Dana White has made no secret of his opposition to crossover contests.