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Summer's highest temperature recorded in Carlow

Summer's highest temperature recorded in Carlow

Summer 2023 was the fifth warmest on record and the eighth wettest.

Met Éireann has released an analysis of the past three months.

Throughout June, July and August, Met Eireann says there were above-average temperatures apart from in the northwest of the country.

The season's high was at Oak Park in Carlow on June 13th when the air temperature was recorded at 28.8 degrees.


The lowest temperature was 10 days earlier at Mount Dillon in Roscommon when overnight lows of 2.1 degrees were measured.


There has been a lot of talk recently about the volumes of rain seen in Ireland this summer.

All measurements show it was wetter than average - but only the eighth wettest ever recorded.

There were 75 days of rain recorded in Mayo and Sligo - however, there was also a partial drought between May and June.

Despite this, 17 weather stations recorded over 200 per cent of the average monthly rainfall for July.

How was August looking?


With a mix of rain and shine over the few months previous, August proved to be quite a stormy month.

With two named storms taking place, August brought heavy rain, strong winds, and flash flooding.

Those of us in the South East saw many trees fall down and coastal floods because of Storm Antoni and Storm Betty.

Betty proved to be a bit more of a windy storm with the South worst affected by them.

Let's just all hope for an easy Winter and a better Summer next year!

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