Cabinet meet to discuss pubs & restaurants opening at Christmas

Cabinet meet to discuss pubs & restaurants opening at Christmas

Cabinet Ministers meet this morning to discuss their options ahead of a decision later in the week on how to exit level five.

The expectation is that Ireland will move to level three with some changes.

While most retail will be allowed to open next week the debate still to be settled is around pubs and restaurants and to what extent they'll be able to open.

The Taoiseach made positive noises about moving to level three yesterday, but warned there are settings including those involving alcohol that can be super spreaders.


The national 14 day incidence rate is estimated to be 108 cases per 100 thousand, however both Donegal and Louth have rates of over 200.

NPHET will meet tomorrow and is expected to be cautious in it's approach to re-opening the country.

The Government would prefer to move directly to level three, with a decision expected on Thursday or Friday.



Meanwhile the European Parliament is expected to sign off on an initial 23-million-euro payment to help Ireland tackle the Covid-19 emergency.

The cash will come from the EU Solidarity Fund, normally used during large-scale disasters.

Overall 19 EU countries applied for funding.

Parliament's Budget Committee approved a 25 per cent advance for Ireland which amounts to 23 million euro and it's expected to be signed off on this morning.