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13 arrested during protest Leinster House

13 arrested during protest Leinster House
Photo: Collins

13 people have been arrested following protests at Leinster house yesterday.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said a review may need to be carried out on security at Leinster House following protests on Wednesday.

Crowds gathered on Kildare Street in Dublin as TDs returned to the Dáil following the summer recess.

Thirteen people were arrested during the course of the protests, two of whom have already appeared in court. The remaining 11 people will appear in court at a later date, Gardaí said.


The protesters erected a mock gallows outside Leinster House, accompanied by images of various TDs, including the Taoiseach and Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald.

Protesters also held placards emblazoned with phrases including 'Irish Lives Matter', and chanted 'You'll never beat the Irish'.

Gardaí were forced to escort politicians out of the grounds as protesters barricaded the gates.

Speaking from the US, where he is attending the UN Security Council and the opening of a new Irish consulate in Miami, Mr Varadkar said security at Leinster House needs to be examined.


"In a democracy, it is important that we respect the right to protest, but there are limitations to any right, and it's very important, I think, that our parliament is secure," the Taoiseach said.

"I go into parliament buildings all over the world, security in Leinster House is lighter than most parliaments.

"The approach is there because we want our parliament to be an open place, and we want people to be able to come and meet their TDs and Senators, but it is really important that elected representatives and staff are safe.

"I would think it appropriate that security is reviewed on an ongoing basis," he added.


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