Aer SouthEast to refund fares

Aer SouthEast to refund fares

UPDATE: Waterford Airport have released a statement on the news.

The statement reads:
"Waterford Airport regrets that Aer Southeast will not be a position to operate services on the 24th July as originally planned.
Waterford Airport welcomes Aer Southeast’s decision at this time to refund all monies accepted
for fares by intending passengers on their air services.
Nevertheless, Waterford Airport looks forward to working closely with Aer Southeast once the company has acquired the correct licence from the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) that will allow it to sell air tickets for the destinations of London Luton, Manchester and Birmingham."


The Airline has announced that it's to refund fares to those who've booked flights for its new services from Waterford to the UK.

The Company was this week forced to cease the sale of tickets by the Commission for Aviation Regulation when it found that the carrier did not have the required tour operators licence.


The airline has now stated that all those who have already reserved flights will be refunded.

Aer Southeast chief executive, Einar  Adalsteinsson, apologised for the inconvenience caused to customers, who will be 100 per cent reimbursed by the payment processing service used by the airline, beginning today.

The refund will be made using electronic transfer to the customer's bank or credit card account.

Aer Southeast says it remains fully committed to operating flights between Waterford, London-Luton, Manchester and Birmingham, and they will work closely with CAR in the coming weeks to ensure that the correct licensing system is put in place.


Earlier this week, the airline posted the following message on their Facebook page:

"For those who have already booked flights with us (and those who intend to book in the future), we would like to explain that the money you paid for your flights is currently held in an escrow account by a payment processing company. Aer Southeast will not receive the money you have paid until a week after the flight has been completed. In the unlikely event of your flight not taking place, you will be refunded 100% of the price of your ticket.

It is our full intention to operate flights to London Luton, Manchester and Birmingham starting the end of July as previously announced.

Thank you all for your patience and support,
The Aer Southeast Team"