Amazing mural in Waterford highlights mental health awareness

Amazing mural in Waterford highlights mental health awareness

Photograph by Peter Grogan

A new piece of street art in Waterford aims to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Artist Joe Caslin has teamed up with the Lust for Life organisation as part of the Waterford Walls street art festival.

The collaboration aims to raise awareness and encourage discussion of mental health issues in the South East.


It's seven stories tall and covers the face of the derelict Ard Rí hotel in Waterford.

The title of the piece is ‘we live protected under each other’s shadow’ and wants to encourage more open discussion of mental health.

It's a collaboration with A Lust For Life Waterford Walls and Pieta House, Preventing Suicide and Self Harm

Joe told Beat News that he wants mental health to be more openly discussed :


"We want meantal health to move from the shadows and move out into a topic that is openly discussed.

You know for a whole city to look up on a wall and have that conversation is incredibly important.

And it's important for the south east because Pieta House have just opened their 10th centre in Waterford city, it's the first time a centre has been opened in the south east and it really really important for the area and for the region."