Cabinet approves law to allow pubs and nightclubs stay open longer

Cabinet approves law to allow pubs and nightclubs stay open longer

The Cabinet has approved changes to licencing law to allow pubs and nightclubs to stay open for longer.

Clubs will be able to serve alcohol until 5am and remain open until 6am.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee brought the reforms to licencing laws to Cabinet this morning.

Late bars and nightclubs will will have to apply to the courts for a 2.30am or 6am licence.


Pubs will get slightly longer opening hours Monday to Friday.

Nightclubs will have to have CCTV, registered security and stop selling drink at 5am but the dancing can continue until 6am.

Sunil Sharpe from give us the night says clubs should go later.

"In Amsterdam, in Berlin, in Athens; those nightclubs either went till 9am or 10am or chose to run later."


Some opposition has emerged among those with concerns about the health impact of longer drinking hours.

But Tánaiste Leo Varadkar believes the proposal is a good one.

"I think there is good evidence that people drinking at home and they are doing it in increasing numbers, is not better than people drinking in a regulated concern and I know people will raise safety concerns.

"But, I don't think the current situation where everyone empties onto the street at the same time is good and this will result in more staggered nights."


Under the plans, Off licences will have standardised opening hours of 10.30am to 10pm seven days a week under the changes approved by Cabinet.

Late licences will also be granted annually so venues don't have to go through the courts to re-apply every month.

While nine towns and cities are to get a 'Night-Time Economy Advisor' under a new pilot scheme

They are Dublin City, Cork City, Limerick City, Galway City, Kilkenny, Drogheda, Sligo, Buncrana and Longford Town

The changes to the licensing laws are expected to be enacted next year.