More CAO applications for science and law degrees

More CAO applications for science and law degrees

There has been an uptake in applications for Law and Science degree courses, and a decrease in those for teaching and engineering.

That's according to data released by the CAO today.

The total number of applicants for the CAO to date is just over 76 thousand, matching last year's figure.

Paula King is the career guidance councilor at Blackwater Community School in Lismore, Co.Waterford.


She spoke to Beat News, explaining the figures.

"For something like science, it's being very much encouraged because there are job possibilities, especially with the stem research happening at the moment."

"Students are listening to that and they like the idea of a science degree."

"For engineering, we have a situation now with a new points system where before you needed a 55 per cent honoursย C3 but now its gone up to 60 per cent."


Also, we're seeing more apprenticeshipsย opening up so maybe more students are looking at that area."

Ms. King also explained why teaching may not be as desirable as it once was.

"People are seeing very high points for primary teaching and it's difficult to get a placement or a job at the end."

"People are now moving away for teaching jobs and also for secondary teaching jobs."


"They're having to leave the country to get a job."

"Also, maybe with all of the industrial action over the last couple of years, they're not seeing it as such a good job as they thought it might be."