Carlow among NCT centres where you're most likely to fail your test

Carlow among NCT centres where you're most likely to fail your test

Carlow ranks among the test centres with the highest fail rate in the whole country.

That's according to data published by, which also reveals a number of other interesting statistics from our national roadworthiness test.

56% of cars that go through the Carlow test centre fail their test, that's only behind Clifden (57%), Cavan (60%) and Castlerea in Roscommon, which has the highest failure rate in the country at 62%.

The figures also show the top five reasons why a car fails its test, with the front suspension the most common reason at 7%.


Beams were the second-most common reason followed by brake lines and hoses.

Meanwhile Chevrolet (68%), Citroen (58%) and Vauxhall (56%) are the cars that are most likely to fail the test.

Alfa Romeo (55%) follow in that list, followed by Daihatsu (55%) - however vehicle care, mileage, age and usage all play a large role.

Porsche and Lexus are the brands most likely to pass at 62% each, followed by Dacia, Skoda and Hyundai.


The NCT are run by private company Applus+ on behalf of the Road Safety Authority, a "worldwide leader in the testing, inspection, and certification sector."

The company, set up in 1996, float on the stock market, with a highest share price of €16.27 in June of 2014. However, it suffered a major drop in share price at the beginning of the pandemic to just €6.43.

Since then, and throughout 2021, its share price has gradually increased, despite posting losses of €1.3 million in 2020.

The company had paid over €35 million in dividends out by end of 2019.