Cork blogger Lisa Jordan opens up about having her breast implants removed

Cork blogger Lisa Jordan opens up about having her breast implants removed

Cork blogger Lisa Jordan has opened up about having her breast implants removed.

In a personal post on Instagram, the Cork blogger - who’s better known as Just Jordan - talks about how she already feels physically and emotionally better having the #explant surgery.

“As a teenager, I wanted big boobs, I remember constantly looking at myself and feeling so insecure that they were small,” she wrote.

“I would see girls in magazines, papers and on tv all with big chests and I wanted to look like that”


Although she said she was initially happy and secure with the surgery, that brought her from a C cup to DD, it wasn’t long before she began to really dislike them and talked about the negative effect they had on her mental and physical health.

Something her followers would already know.

Adding: "I regret getting them done as they had such a negative effect on my mental and physical health"

She then took to opportunity to use her platform to warn about the negatives of cosmetic surgery and BII (Breast implants illness), as she believes they’re not talked about enough.


I feel cosmetic procedures are spoke about online in such a positive light, “go and get it done” way, which is fine (I’m not bashing anyone who does this one bit)

"I’m not here trying to put anyone off the idea of getting implants, it’s a very personal choice, nor am I trying to scare who has them or change anyone’s mind but I just want to be truthful about my journey and say honestly, 'I WISH I NEVER GOT THEM'." she said.

"I don’t want girls to look at me and think oh I love her boobs, I’m going to get mine done when the truth is I absolutely hated them."

Since the post, she’s thanked her followers for the “love during her healing process” and said she’s never felt more comfortable in her own skin.