Cork man who barricaded himself into home last night claimed wife had been kidnapped in US

Cork man who barricaded himself into home last night claimed wife had been kidnapped in US

By Liam Heylin

A young man who barricaded himself into his home to stop gardaí arresting him last night claimed that his problems stemmed from his wife being kidnapped in America.

29-year-old Lee Cronin of Apartment 3, 36 Douglas West, Cork, is charged with numerous counts of failing to turn up in court and also faces what Judge Olann Kelleher described as a voluminous amount of charges.

Garda Elizabeth Bugler testified at Cork District Court in relation to the arrest of Cronin at his home, “He put up a struggle, he barricaded the door, he did not come freely.”


Eddie Burke solicitor, said Cronin had worked as a chef in various locations around Europe and previously married an American woman.

Cronin said: “I found out my wife got kidnapped in America. I have become a complete recluse.”

Judge Olann Kelleher asked the accused during his bail application, “What date did you say she was kidnapped?” He replied that it happened in late August.

Cronin’s mother, Marie Cronin, confirmed that her son believed that his wife had been kidnapped and asked her to see what she could find out about a kidnapping in Minnesota. She also confirmed that her son did not want to leave home and had asked her to get his shopping for her.


Lee Cronin said, “I could not go outside the door. When the doorbell rings I jump out of my skin. I am a recluse. My mental health is not so good. I am still highly anxious.

"It takes up to nine months to come off Xanax. Now I am taking medication. I was afraid to answer the door. This is the first time outside my house in a month and a half or two months. I am just getting back on my feet. I have been in and out of homeless services.”

Judge Kelleher noted that the case had been put back for Lee Cronin to attend at the probation service for an assessment of his suitability for community service and he failed to turn up seven times.

The judge said of Cronin: “He has not signed on, he has resisted arrest and he puts it all down to his wife being kidnapped.”


Judge Kelleher said to Cronin: “You resisted arrest and you barricaded yourself?”

Cronin replied: “Yes. I didn’t think I had to come out when it was my own property.”

Cronin was charged with failing to appear at Cork Distrrict Court on September 3, 12 and 26 and trespassing at a house at St. Anthony’s Villas, Douglas West, on August 7, and stealing property at Galway’s Lane, Douglas West on the same date.

Judge Olann Kelleher remanded the 29-year-old in custody until October 10.