Easter Sun-days: Temperatures to reach 23 degrees this weekend

Easter Sun-days: Temperatures to reach 23 degrees this weekend

An Orange forest fire alert warning has been issued for most of the country.

The Department of Agriculture issued the warning today until at least next Tuesday.

The public is being reminded to be cautious as fire risk is expected to peak significantly on Monday due to good weather conditions.

A High Fire Risk exists in all areas where hazardous fuels such as gorse, heather, dried grass and other dead vegetation exist.


According to Met Éireann, the Easter bank holiday weekend could see temperature reach highs of 22-23 degrees.

The dry, sunny weather is to continue over the coming days.

Good Friday will see some parts of the country enjoying temperatures of up to 21 degrees while the south and east can expect cooler temperatures with moderate breezes.

Easter Saturday is expected to be the hottest day with top temperatures of 16 to 23 degrees.


However, there will be some patchy drizzle in the north and northwest in the evening which will push inland overnight.

The forecast for Easter Sunday is uncertain but is expected to be dry with some hazy sunshine with temperatures cooling slightly to highs of 16 to 20 degrees.

Bank holiday Monday will see conditions turning breezier with a risk of some showers coming in from the Atlantic.

It will largely be a good day with temperatures still above the average at 15 to 19 degrees.


Met Éireann is forecasting a high pollen count tomorrow and on Saturday.

Those who suffer with asthma are being advised to take precautions to manage their condition over the coming days.

Sarah O’Connor of the Asthma Association, says 80% of asthma sufferers also have hayfever.

Ms O'Connor says that the high pollen count is more serious for those with asthma.

"That inflammed reaction makes it harder for people to breathe through their nose which means that they are breathing through their mouth which means they are breathing that allergen right into their system, right into their lungs.

"For some people this can cause an escalation or an asthmas attack."