First look at the Wexford Greenway has been revealed

First look at the Wexford Greenway has been revealed
Photo: Wexford Greenway Facebook

A first look at what the proposal of the Wexford Greenway could look like has been revealed.

The much anticipated outdoor amenity has been something of a dream of many people who live in, and explore, the South East.

Similar to the Waterford Greenway, the aim is to provide miles of a glorious, car-free pathway for people to enjoy.

According to those planning The Wexford Greenway, it will start from where the South Eastern Greenway finishes in New Ross and continue along the old railway alignment to Macmine before running parallel to the River Slaney up to Enniscorthy.


It is estimated to be a whopping 36.6km trail in length.

Just like the Waterford Greenway, the Wexford Greenway will provide much needed economic growth to small villages such as Ballyanne, Rathgarogue, Palace, Chapel, Clonroche, Adamstown, Galbally, Bree, Ballyhogue and Edermine while also increasing leisure, tourism and business in New Ross and Enniscorthy.

The First Look

Taking to social media, the planners of the Wexford Greenway revealed a 'first-look' photo to capture the imaginations of all of those who are planning to use it.

The post said: "This will be the first of a few images demonstrating what the Wexford Greenway could look like. This here is Ballybrennan Bridge.


"Its currently abandoned, overgrown and neglected but it doesn't have to be this way.

"If the Wexford Greenway is built, it'll be restored to its former glory displaying its original stonework and steel girders, of which the Wexford Greenway will go under.

"As the road that the bridge carried has been relocated, the steel girders will instead carry a pedestrian lane that will overlook the greenway and the surrounding landscape."



This will be the first of a few images demonstrating what the Wexford Greenway could look like. This here is...

Posted by Wexford Greenway on Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Wexford Greenway Committee

According to the Wexford Greenway proposal site, "it is important to note that this is not the finalised proposal and that it is constantly being updated based on feedback received."

Seeing the success of the Waterford Greenway and the construction of the South Eastern Greenway to New Ross, the idea of the Wexford Greenway was born.

Using the remains of the closed New Ross to Macmine Junction railway and convert it into a greenway could bring tourism, rural development, economic growth and leisure to the places in Wexford that needed it the most.

With the goal to propose the Wexford Greenway to the Wexford County Council, the Wexford Greenway Committee was formed consisting of local residents, landowners, business owners, leisure goers, historians, engineers and community members.