'Govt and Irish Water using water shortage to push water charges agenda,' says TD

'Govt and Irish Water using water shortage to push water charges agenda,' says TD

A leading figure in the water charge protests says the Government is using the current shortages to try and re-introduce the fees.

Independent TD Joan Collins has introduced legislation to the Dáil that proposes the public get a vote on putting public ownership of water in the Constitution.

She believes domestic users are being scape-goated when industry and agriculture are the biggest water users.

She claims Irish Water and the Government are guilty of pushing an agenda whenever the public water system runs into problems:


Ms Collins said: "They used when we had the snow and there were problems there when we had the water outage.

"So every time something happens, the State and Irish Water would say we have to pay for our water, put metres in.

"People will not accept that, they resisted it, rejected it and we will continue to do so."

Meanwhile, Irish Water is expected to extend the hosepipe ban to parts of Limerick, Kilkenny and Laois this week.


The measure, which bans the non-essential use of water, has been in place in the Greater Dublin Area since yesterday morning as supplies remain under pressure from the heatwave.

According to the Irish Independent, Irish Water is also due to decide tomorrow if they will take a tough stance on enforcing the water conservation order.

Anyone who breaks the hosepipe ban could face prosecution or a €125 fine.