HIQA report finds no compliance at eight international protection centres

HIQA report finds no compliance at eight international protection centres

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) published eight inspection reports on International Protection Accommodation Service centres on Friday.

They found there was non-compliance noted in each centre inspected, with the levels of non-compliance varying.

International Protection Accommodation Service centres, formerly known as direct provision centres, provide accommodation for people seeking international protection in Ireland.

HIQA inspects the quality and safety of these services against the National Standards for accommodation offered to people in the protection process (2019).


Reports have been published on:

  • Atlantic House, Co Waterford
  • Emmet Lodge, Co Dublin
  • Glenvera Hotel, Co Cork
  • Globe House, Co Sligo
  • Hibernian Hotel, Co Laois
  • Johnston Marina, Co Kerry
  • Millstreet Accommodation Centre, Co Cork
  • Slaney Court, Co Wicklow.

They said non-compliance was identified in areas including; contingency planning and emergency preparedness; responsive workforce; identification, assessment and response to special needs; governance, accountability and leadership; safeguarding and protection; person-centred care and support; and accommodation.

There were examples of good practice observed. However, inspectors identified common issues in some centres.

These were in relation to governance and management, risk management and safeguarding in particular.


Where non-compliance with the national standards is identified, providers are required to submit compliance plans to demonstrate how they will make improvements and come into compliance with the national standards.

By Kenneth Fox