Irish drivers reveal the cars they would drive if they won the lotto

Irish drivers reveal the cars they would drive if they won the lotto
A customer buying a car stock photo. Pexels-Antoni Shkraba

One third of Irish Irish drivers say they will buy a new low-key but very comfortable and reliable car if they won the Lotto.

A survey of some 774 drivers carried out by iReach Insights on behalf of Aviva Insurance Ireland DAC (Aviva) concluded that 33% of drivers would rather NOT buy flashy cars.

The survey also delved into people's spending habits on electric cars with the discovery that 20% of drivers would buy an electric car if they won the Lotto.

Other finding from the survey included 12% of men were more likely to select the flasher new car option than 7% women while 10% of respondents said they would not change the car that they have even with a lotto win.


The survey also found that 9% claimed that they would not spend any of the money from their winnings on a car.

Aviva revealed in a statement the findings of the survey:
• Men (12%) were more likely to select the flasher new car option than women (7%) if they had a Lotto win.
• More women (51%) than men (38%) claimed that they would choose either a top of the range SUV or a low-key but very comfortable reliable car.
• Those drivers choosing the low-key but comfortable car were primarily 45-55+ age cohorts.
• The majority of those who would not change their car if they won the Lotto were aged 55+ (14%).
• Some 26% of men would not spend any money on a car, with 14% of women claiming the same, and highest amongst 18-24-year-olds at 54%.

Motor Product Manager at Aviva, Alan Behan said the choice to buy a new car is usually determined by external factors.

He said: “For those of us lucky enough to have experienced this, driving a new car out of a garage forecourt is wonderful – even simply for the fact of the new car smell and the gleaming interior and external body work. However, the reality is that if we are purchasing a brand-new motor, our choice will generally be dictated to a large extent by our own individual circumstances, the size of our family, where we live, how much driving we do and, unless we have won the lotto, how much we can afford. Once those issues are reconciled with, we then need to consider the running costs, from insurance and tax, to fuel and ongoing maintenance, all of which is likely to differ depending on the option chosen”.


Mr Behand jokingly added that he would order a new Ferrari for himself if he won the Lotto: “Having said all that though, if I will the Lotto tomorrow or even over the Christmas, I plan to order my red Ferrari on 2 January 2024. Perhaps Santa Claus could help and leave me the winning Lotto numbers when he calls to my home on Christmas eve. Safe driving everyone.”

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