Jennifer Zamparelli confronts trolls over hate comments

Jennifer Zamparelli confronts trolls over hate comments

RTÉ’s 2FM Jennifer Zamparelli has confronted fans of K-Pop band BTS after they continue to troll her with hate comments.

It all began when Lottie Ryan announced that the band were taking a break during an entertainment bulletin on Monday's show.

Ryan then went on to speculate that the 7-piece boy band could be splitting up, this, of course, didn’t go down too well with fans of the band.

Then, during yesterday’s show, Zampareilli was forced to cut a BTS song short live on air which angered the fans even further.


The comments got so intense that she was forced to offer a truce this morning on-air.

“I will not throw her (Jennifer) under the bus,” one message read.

I will pick up the bus and drop it on her several times then I’ll get in the bus and drive over her and reverse it over her again

"First of all, I will apologise for cutting off your song, you were probably bopping around your kitchen or where ever you are listening to that, if you’re a K-pop fan,” Jennifer said.


“And I cut it short because I was angry with you because I got bombarded by so many messages on Twitter.”

She continued: “There is no excuse for telling someone you want to run over them because they cut off a song. I mean, that’s not right,”

After adding that she understood where the fans were coming from as she herself was a massive East 17 fan once, she invited super fans of all kinds to come on the show and chat to her.

BTS fan Lia agreed and popped on to say that she thought the messages were on the nasty side, but that BTS fans are very protective and to put the idea out there that they may have broken up did indeed upset a lot of people.