Man wins €5,900 in tribunal after being given 3 chicken nuggets for €2.30

A worker who was dismissed following an outburst over the portion size of his chicken nuggets meal has been awarded £5,000 (€5,900) at an employment tribunal.

The Metro reports that Mr. Smith felt "disillusioned" by the number of chicken nuggets dished out by a canteen employee.

The employee then felt "antagonised" when told it would cost 99p for a larger portion.

The "shocked" employee responded by informing a canteen worker that "If I wanted a Happy Meal I would have gone to McDonald's" before leaving the canteen - an incident which left the canteen worker "almost" afraid to return to her place of work.


Mr. Smith was dismissed for the outburst following a disciplinary meeting one month later, however, a tribunal in the UK has found the company's investigation to be flawed.

The presiding judge ruled that Mr.Smith's "sarcasm" was not by itself abusive and awarded the former employee £5,000 for unfair dismissal, and notice pay/wrongful dismissal.

Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from Pixabay