Men's Aid sees increase in calls following Depp vs Heard Trial

Men's Aid sees increase in calls following Depp vs Heard Trial

Men's Aid says they've seen an increase in inquiries from men over the course of the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor won the libel case against his ex-wife yesterday, after a jury agreed an article Ms Heard had written was defamatory.

Back at home, Men's Aid says the case could change the way society views male victims of partner abuse.

CEO of the charity, Kathriona Bently, says the trial's already having an impact on survivors at home.


"We had an email this morning from someone straight away that said:

"I've been meaning to pick up the phone or send you an email for months and it's the Johnny Depp verdict that has encouraged me to write this email to you and I am a victim of domestic violence for many years".

Kathriona went on to say the trial could be used as an opportunity for male victims to seek help.

"There is an immediate impact already.


"Johnny spoke about the taunting, the mockery, that slagging, the belittling

"If there is men out there watching the trial and listening to it, we hope that gives them the encouragement and the confidence to pick up the phone support and to know that there is support here in Ireland."

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Meanwhile, a domestic abuse charity is encouraging people to "log off" if they overwhelmed by coverage of the Depp vs Heard case.


The decision concludes a 6 week trial that was live-streamed on YouTube and heavily discussed on social media.

CEO of Women's Aid Sarah Benson has this advice for those feeling uncomfortable with the online debates surrounding the trial.

"If someone is feeling overwhelmed. we would encourage them to take a break from social media and really focus on their own gut, the people closest to them and know that just because something is happening on social media, it doesn't mean that your own, lived experience is not valid."