Most electric vehicle drivers experience cheaper running costs

Most electric vehicle drivers experience cheaper running costs
Electric car charging spot, © PA Wire/PA Images

A survey has shown that 85 per cent of electric car drivers in Ireland have noted that running costs are cheaper than their previous traditional petrol/diesel cars.

The study, carried out by DoneDeal in November, found 62 per cent of Irish electric vehicle drivers plan to buy another EV as their next car purchase.

For those who are not planning on purchasing an electric vehicle, 33 per cent said this was due to a preference for traditional petrol/diesel cars.

Some 27 per cent of those surveyed said the high prices for electric vehicles was their main reason for not purchasing one.


Thirteen per cent noted the lack of a charging infrastructure in Ireland, while 10 per cent would not purchase an electric vehicle due to inability to charge at home.

In October, DoneDeal found the demand for electric vehicles was up 73 per cent since the same period last year.

By Michael Bolton

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