Murder trial underway of young man accused of Co Waterford stabbing

Murder trial underway of young man accused of Co Waterford stabbing

Reporting by Frank Greaney

The trial of a young man accused of murdering a local fisherman in Co Waterford has heard from the best friend of his alleged victim, who described seeing him being stabbed.

Dean Kerrie, of Portarlington, Co Laois, was just 17 when he's alleged to have murdered Jack Power at Shanakiel in Dunmore East.

On July 25th 2018, Christopher Lee spent the day drinking in a local pub with some friends.


He said he met his best friend, Jack Power, in the early hours of the following morning.

He said Jack was talking about some damage to his wing mirror and he said he was giving out about the Kerrie family, who lived on the same estate as Mr Lee at the time.

He said there was some talk of busting up their house before Jack took off running.

When he caught up with him, he said he could see some pushing going on inside.


Shortly afterwards, while looking in from the front door, he said he saw Dean Kerrie come from the kitchen with a long knife in his hand.

He said Jack was leaving the house when he claims Dean stabbed him. He said his friend went pale and walked past him as if he wasn’t there.

The trial has already head he collapsed outside and died from a 13cm stab wound to the chest.

Dean, who's now 20yo, denies murder and the jurors have been told they may have to consider the issue of self-defence.