NTA publishes 'radical' redesign of Dublin Bus network

NTA publishes 'radical' redesign of Dublin Bus network

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has published its redesign for the Dublin Bus network which proposes big changes for services in the city.

The proposals include implementing a "dramatic increase" in the number of orbital services, as well as the number of all-day high-frequency services.

The report suggests a move to a simplified two-fare system, a new route numbering system and for services to be arranged along seven cross-city "super-frequent" routes.

The Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation report was prepared by US firm Jarrett Walker & Associates which specialises in designing public transport systems in cities.


Under the proposals, the level of bus service would increase by 27%. This includes services on 11 new orbital routes that will operate on a 15-minute frequency or better.

NTA publishes 'radical' redesign of Dublin Bus network

The NTA'S proposed all-day network for Dublin Bus services. Photo: Bus Connects.

Fares will be simplified to make changing between bus, Dart and Luas services easier. Two Leap fares will be available:

  • A 90-minute fare that will allow a customer any combination of bus, Dart and Luas for a journey, subject to the last leg commencing within 90 minutes of the start of the overall trip.
  • A short-distance fare paid each trip for particularly short journeys.

Public consultation on today’s report will formally get underway on July 16 and continue for 9 weeks until September 16. As part of the consultation process, Dublin Bus and NTA will conduct a series of information events across the region and feedback will be invited from members of the public and other stakeholders.


NTA Chief Executive Anne Graham said: “The current system of bus routes and services in Dublin is complex, with about 130 different bus routes forming the network. Currently, the network is radially focused, with most routes emanating outwards from the City Centre.


[quote]"Orbital bus services – routes that skirt the city – are few and far between. As a result, many bus journeys can only be made by firstly travelling into the city centre on one radial route, and then taking another radial bus service out."[/quote]

“We believe that a system with greater scope for interconnection between routes, and where connecting passengers don’t necessarily have to travel to the city centre, is one that would be far more attractive and convenient.

NTA publishes 'radical' redesign of Dublin Bus network

Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross said: “The proposals that NTA is publishing today are radical but I believe that they have the potential to make Dublin’s public transport system in general, and its bus system in particular, work much better for the people who use it.

“I welcome the fact that the NTA and Dublin Bus are now embarking on a process of public consultation. I know that they are both in listening mode, and if people have suggestions as to how these plans can be made even better, I’m sure they will be looked at closely."

Dublin Bus Chief Executive Ray Coyne said: “This proposed network design is part of an ambitious investment of €2 billion in Dublin’s bus system. BusConnects will deliver over 200 million customer journeys per year which will be of significant benefit to the city and its people.

“While the proposed network is a significant opportunity to continue the growth and success of Dublin Bus, it represents a huge change for everyone in the city.

You can read the full report here:

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