RSA urges people to stop 'rubbernecking' at crash scenes

RSA urges people to stop 'rubbernecking' at crash scenes

The Road Safety Authority is urging people to stop rubbernecking at the scene of a crash.

It comes after a video of a German officer shaming rubbernecking drivers by inviting them to see the fatal crash scene went viral.

Moyagh Murdock from the RSA wants people to stop videoing incidents on the roads.

She says gardaí have the power to issue on the spot fines for recording incidents.


"They can issue a fine if they observe another motorist doing something in and around the scene of [a] collision," said Ms Murdock.

"They would certainly have the powers to do it there and then.

"They have a number of options for the charge they want to bring against the motorist."

Ms Murdock said that it was inappropriate from a human decency point-of-view.


She added: "Also from a road safety point-of-view, the emergency services...are there trying to deal with a tragic accident.

"It's unfolding and they are trying to manage the traffic, trying to prevent further collisions as a result."

Ms Murdock said rubberneckers are putting "themselves and in particular putting the emergency services at risk."