Scally Review to condemn programme and doctors for 'keeping women in the dark'

Scally Review to condemn programme and doctors for 'keeping women in the dark'

The Scally Review into the Cervical Check scandal is expected to highlight "serious system flaws" in the screening programme.

It is also due to say that screening should be overhauled - when the report is published later today.

The review is expected to condemn the Cervical Check programme and doctors for "keeping women in the dark" about audits showing their cancer test results were incorrect.

Dr Gabriel Scally will say that the programme was not monitored by senior officials and that there were "system-wide failures" in the HSE and Department of Health.


According to the Irish Times, he will also strongly criticise the failure to communicate new information to the women affected.

Yesterday's leaks, which were strongly condemned, revealed Dr Scally will not recommend a commission of investigation being set up.


But Simon Harris, who will brief the cabinet on the full report today, has not ruled out setting one up anyway.

The Scally review will make 50 recommendations but will not single out any individuals.

Meanhwile, Sinn Féin is demanding a full commission of inquiry.


Their Health Spokesperson Louise O'Reilly says it is up to the Oireachtas to decide whether it is needed.

"It'll be for the Oireachtas to decide if we are satisfied that no commission of inquiry is required," said Ms O'Reilly.

"I cannot see anything within the contents of that report which will deter us. I want to see information.

"You have to remember that Gabriel Scally didn't have any powers to compel information, he didn't have any power to compel witnesses so there may be information that the Oireachtas requires, there may be information that we require that will make an inquiry absolutely necessary.

"We believe that a full commission of inquiry is absolutely required."

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has appealed to all parties to resist reacting to the report until there has been a chance to study its findings.

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