Senator outlines plan to create 'a fair Ireland' for Travellers

Senator outlines plan to create 'a fair Ireland' for Travellers
Senator Colette Kelleher has announced that she will outline a plan that she says will create "a fair Ireland" for members of the travelling community.

The Seanad held a public consultation in recent months on how to ensure a more equitable Ireland for Travellers in the aftermath of their official recognition by the State as an ethnic minority in 2017.

Senator Kelleher will tomorrow outline her plan based on those discussions during hearings in the Seanad.

There will also be submissions from organisations including Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, Minceirs Whiden, the Irish Traveller Movement, and the National Travellers’ Women Forum.

According to Senator Kelleher, the hearings will focus on:

  • Strengthening the participation and representation of Travellers in decision-making, politics and public life
  • Fostering dialogue and relationships between Travellers and the wider community
  • Addressing the discrimination, exclusion and identity erosion experienced by Travellers
  • Ensuring accurate and fair treatment of Travellers in the media

Ahead of tomorrow's hearings Senator Kelleher said:

“Since I was appointed a Senator three years ago, I have worked closely with the Traveller community to raise awareness of the severe discrimination and social exclusion Travellers in Ireland continue to face.

While praising the official recognition of Travellers as an ethnic minority, Senator Kelleher said this must be backed up by actions from the Oireachtas.

"It is meaningless if we, as legislators, continue to ignore the severe social, economic and political exclusion faced by Travellers.