Sunshine to come to an end as heavy and thundery showers expected

Sunshine to come to an end as heavy and thundery showers expected

The summer-like sunshine of the Bank Holiday weekend is set to come to an end.

Met Éireann reports that the weather this week will see more showers and cloud.

While Monday night will remain dry Tuesday will see the first of the scattered showers begin to appear.

There will be some sunnier spells tomorrow with temperatures staying warm and may reach as high as 21 degrees.


There will be showery outbreaks on Tuesday night making way for a "damp or wet start to the day on Wednesday".

Met Éireann reports that there will be "showery outbreaks of rain" over much of the country in the middle of the week with a cold front moving "up from the south through the course of the day".

Wednesday afternoon may see some heavy and thundery showers.

Temperatures will range between 13 and 17 degrees but it will get noticeably cooler in the afternoon with the mercury dropping to between 9 and 12 degrees.


Thursday will see more rain, which may occur for longer spells. The forecaster is predicting more heavy and thundery showers.

Maximum temperatures will be between 11 to 15 degrees.

Met Éireann predicts more of the same heading into the weekend with wet and windy weather to occur.

It does report that there will be "some drier and brighter interludes too".


Temperatures will be considerably lower than Easter weekend with "maximum temperatures ranging from around 9 to 13 degrees".