The scientific reason why you cannot hold an erection at Christmas

The scientific reason why you cannot hold an erection at Christmas
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You might have noticed that sex during the Christmas period is not as enjoyable or stimulating as other festive periods of the year.

Well, one doctor has the answers and solutions to be problem of not being able to hold an erection or what is called erectile dysfunction.

Speaking to the Metro UK, Dr Janine David, a men’s health specialist says the lifestyle and psychological changes during the festive period affects performance.

He said: "With 40% of men over 40 and 26% of men under 40 suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) according to research from Eroxon — the bad news is it can be worse over the festive season.


"The perfect storm of stress, alcohol and reduced physical activity and diet can see a rise in health condition over the season. Excess alcohol is one of the single biggest causes and according to research, 57% of men already think this, but it’s hard to avoid too much alcohol at party time.

"Add in the stress of getting everything done — decorating your home, finishing the shopping, getting just the right gifts whilst spending more than you’d intended — the pressure is enormous.

"And when it comes to sex the pressure to perform may be overwhelming with Festive Flop the consequence."

It seems stress and alcohol, reduced physical activity and diet are holding you back this period.


The doctor also proffers a simple solution to help deal with erectile dysfunction.

He advises men to take a step back from regular activities and go on 'a good walk, run, or cycle for 30 minutes each day to de-stress.'

Men have also been asked to watch their alcohol intake during the festive period and drink moderately with a recommended two drink at parties.

The doctor has also advised men to be upbeat not not 'beat yourself up' if you feel you are having issues in bed. Talking to your partner about your issues will help.


And finally, men have been asked to do everything in moderation from eating, drinking, exercising.

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