Warning issued against air fryers

Warning issued against air fryers
Credits: Cottonboro Studios, Pexels

A warning has been issued against using air fryers instead of oven to cook food, according to

Air fryers have really taken off in the past year, although they have been around for much longer than that.

The 'Airfryer' brand was launched by Philips in 2010. The term (much like 'Hoover') has started to be used generically since 2018. The Guardian noted last December that it was almost impossible to get your hands on one, because they sold out as soon as they were restocked. In the US, air fryers started to make a dent in the market in 2017.

The device is mainly used instead of traditional deep fryers. They create the same crispy result th air circulating at high speeds rather than immersing the food in boiling hot oil or fat.


However, Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis is not convinced that this is the cheaper option. He suggested that ovens may actually work out cheaper, as they heat to a point, then top up the heat. Air fryers run at full heat at all times.

“If you were doing a full roast dinner and you were cooking many [jacket potatoes], it’s probably cheaper [putting them in the oven] than putting five or six jacket potatoes in a microwave because each additional object you put in a microwave, you need to keep it on longer because a microwave just heats the individual object.”

The warning was issued against using air fryers for larger meals. If you use it for smaller meals the air fryer would certainly work out as the cheaper option.

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