WATCH: Flying car takes flight with first passenger

WATCH: Flying car takes flight with first passenger
Photo: KleinVision

A flying car has taken to the skies with its first passenger onboard in remarkable footage released this week.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No.. It's a flying vehicle that is said to be the world's first flying sports car.

It's the stuff of science fiction but the AirCar is a two-seat flying car that has officially taken flight and safely landed on four wheels.

A Slovakian company, KleinVision, say they're at the point of mass manufacturing airborne vehicles after successful trials.


The footage shows the small aircraft with car-like features taking off from an airport runway with one pilot and one passenger on board.


New footage shows the AirCar soaring at 2,500 feet, with French music producer Jean-Michel Jarre its only passenger.

KleinVision's AirCar took to the skies with the electronic music pioneer this month signaling a new era of transportation innovation.

AirCar, which received the Certificate of Airworthiness in January 2022, has already logged an impressive 130 flight hours and over 520 takeoffs.


“AirCar addition to Starmus is a fantastic complement to our festival experience,” said Garik Israelian, PhD, astrophysicist at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and co-founder of Starmus, alongside Sir Brian May.

“It mirrors the exhilarating journey we embark on, starting with Jean-Michel and Brian's monumental concert that propels us to new heights, soaring alongside artists and inspiring thinkers like Jane Goodall, and coming back to Earth with the wisdom of astronaut Chris Hadfield once the festival concludes.”

“AirCar will not only be part of the Starmus opening concert, it will also be showcased at Starmus Camp, which, together with the Stephen Hawking Medal Ceremony and nine Nobelists giving lectures, will turn Bratislava into the world capital of science.”

“It is like being in a Jules Verne book, but for real! One second you speak to the driver, and next, you are up there in the air – an amazing experience!” said Jean-Michel Jarre after completing two flights in the AirCar at Piestany international airport.


Footage released this week documented the flight in Slovakia this month.

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