'We cannot recognise him': brother of Wexford boy mauled in dog attack speaks out

'We cannot recognise him': brother of Wexford boy mauled in dog attack speaks out
Old Forge Road Estate

The brother of a young boy mauled in a savage dog attack in Co. Wexford says the 9-year-old is not the same anymore and is lucky to be alive.

Alejandro Mizsan suffered severe injuries in the attack which happened when he was playing football with friends close to his home on a green adjacent to the Old Forge Road Estate in Enniscorthy on Sunday.

He's being treated in Crumlin Hospital in Dublin for his injuries.

It is understood that the attack on Alejandro was not the first by the vicious pit bull cross. Locals have reported that four days previously, the same pitbull savaged another young boy. The boy was spared significant injuries as he was wearing a puffer jacket which bore the brunt of the attack.


Alejandro's older brother Raul says they are very grateful for neighbours who helped to fight off the Pitbull during the frenzied assault.

"His face is completely destroyed; he has no lip," said Raul. "His face is in bits, it's hard to describe. His face is not like it used to be anymore, he has completely changed.

"We cannot recognise him, the way he looks at the moment. He's in terribly bad condition."

The pit bull cross was put down following the incident.


A GoFundMe has since been set up by a neighbour of the Mizsan family. Writing on the fundraiser page Caroline said it's "only right to help so I am making this GoFundMe to donate anything to give this little boy his beautiful smile back and get him back home."

The post continued: "My heart is truly broken for his family. What trauma and agonising pain this vicious attack has had on an innocent little boy [who was] just playing with his friends."

The fundraiser has so far surpassed the initial goal, raising €5,706 of the €2,000 goal at the time of writing.

You can donate to the cause here.